Introduction: Attention Global Village

 The earliest stirrings of what was to become  Trinity Point Project began as early as 1984 while living in New York City. I had been feeling a strong urging– a calling of sorts– to go back to my home in Churchville, Virginia, to do something important upon the landscape of Trinity Point Farm. I did not know what I was being led to do at first, but I trusted that the things I needed would be provided.

I returned to Virginia from New York on May 1, 1985. Shortly thereafter, a number of significant things occurred and fell into place in such a way that I first published and distributed the Trinity Point Project papers in November, 1986.


On Earth Day (April 22) 1989 the project’s geographical temple structure was officially birthed ceremoniously by a group of about forty people. This fifth dimensional, heart-resonate form spans 320 miles in diameter, and has been pulsing across the Appalachian landscape ever since.


 Earth Day was a symbolic time to birth this project. Since 1972, Earth Day has been a  a day for honoring our living planet Gaia and all of her inhabitants. I want to inspire the reader to attempt to comprehend,  to grok (Stranger in a Strange Land— Heinlein), the deep implications of this social mechanism as a vision. Remember, as Solomon said,


Where there is no vision, the people perish.

                                   Proverbs 29:18

It is my opinion that the times in which we live reflect in modern parallel three historical periods that have greatly shaped the modern world: The fall of the Roman Empire, The Dark Ages, and the Renaissance. The qualities of these three eras are now simultaneously within our modern parallel equivalent.


Indeed, as we look about our world and see evidence of old structures of nation states and other institutions breaking down and no longer holding center. There is a high degree of chaos, fear and violence prevalent in the world today! This reflects the fearful uncertainty of global culture, experiencing a terrifying free-fall through social, technological, cultural, environmental and economic change.

If we are a people devoid of a cohesive, unifying social vision what are we to do?


     I suggest we seek a positive vision.


As you read this material, I hope that you will glean something that is sweet and bestows a sense of love and hope for our collective future, which I invite you to participate in.
















Trinity Point Project

Social Magic for Planetary Healing

A major download point on the Earth’s magnetic grid, located near Churchville, Virginia.


Yours in the Light,

 Philip Khnopp

TPP Founder and Facilitator

                                    Copyright 2017 by Philip Khnopp

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