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 As of March 2017 there is the possibility that Trinity Point Farm may go up for sale on the market. This will be beyond my control. Being that I have invested the past thirty years of my life into this land, vision and project (trinitypointproject.org), I have a vested interest in this land  and a detailed prayer has been formulated, outlining how I would like to see the land and project site covey to the next new owners. It is my fervent hope that the next new owners will cherish and honor this land as a place of great spiritual power to be shared among all of the tribes of humankind. The ancestors have said that it was so in the ancient times (back unto 17,000 years), and I would like to see this continue to be so (in perpetuity), for many generations yet to come.


     Beyond this, Trinity Point Farm is currently being menaced by the proposed pathway of Dominion Transmission Corporation, LLC, Atlantic Coast Pipeline project (ACP) which threatens to cross or come very close to the southern tip of this property. The sub subsurface structure of this landscape is known as "Karst", denoting a porous limestone base which is highly prone to have sinkholes, caverns, fault lines, disappearing streams and the like, beneath the soil surface. This land is in short a very inappropriate place for an experimental, high pressure (600 PSIG) pipeline to be built. Over the past three years since this was announced, numerous citizens groups have formed and have loudly voiced their objections for these and many other good reasons why this pipeline must not be allowed to be built in Virginia and (exquisitely not so in Augusta County, rife with sinkholes and caverns), which are known to be damaging to such structures. Despite widespread citizens outcry against this project, Dominion, Governor Terry McAuliffe, FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), and others in Washington DC, continue to press forward, insisting that such structures are safe and claiming Eminent Domain (for the benefit of the public, but not really), as their reason for wanting to build ACP. Does this sound familiar? As in Standing Rock North Dakota?




























Since the advent of the Trump Administration, ACP which exists on a list of 50 priority energy projects for the Trump regime, has been raised to number 20 on that list. For this reason, I am now addressing the global village in an appeal for assistance to help preserve this land (Trinity Point Farm in Churchville,Virginia), in perpetuity, for future generations, free of toxic fossil fuel projects such as ACP.


 I hope, that this point, you the readers have already reviewed all of the previous chapters in the website. Given so, I hope it begins to dawn upon you that Trinity Point landscape is one of the major magnetic download points on "Turtle Island" (On par with Four corners, Pipe-stone, Devils Tower, ETC), on this continent and must be protected from white culture, industrial encroachment. Just to remind you once again, one James Tipton (AKA Tyberonn-Sedona Journal), has stood upon Trinity Point and declared that,  "Trinity Point is to Appalachia and the east coast as Sedona is to the western portions of this continent."


To realize the facts of the matter concerning Trinity Point, I want to appeal to my fellow global citizens to take action to help preserve the sacred landscape of Trinity Point Farm. Something like a video document, or a series of such, revealing the beauty of this land and so many other beautiful landscapes like it in the Shenandoah Valley "Bread Basket of the South", could go far to help raise the global awareness through social media, of this space as being sacrosanct. Please tell others, come and walk this land to see for yourselves, how this land feels.


According to the theory of "Six Degrees of separation, anyone (exercising six degrees of effort) , can connect to any other person upon our planet. I am seeking by this dynamic, to attract the divinely right persons to help with video documentation to help bring Trinity Point into global consciousness and agreement that this land must be declared sacred and inviolate. This is where you come into play, my fellow citizens. Who do you know, or who do you know who knows someone of means and influence who would delight in helping to protect sacred land? Ponder this. It is sufficient to say that at this time in global history, people become quite irate when they see another corporation trying to violate a sacred landscape. Perhaps Trinity Point (in Churchville, Virginia), could become a choke-point (similar to Standing Rock), where the people can collectively gather and say no to ACP project and actually stop it here. This could be a large stone (public opinion), to put in Dominion Transmission Corporation,LLC's path and really demonstrate the right of the people to self-determination. Be determined, please show up and help for the sake of the entire planet. I simply speak from my heart about these issues, it is all I can do.



 If anyone wishes to contact me, please send me a message below.

                                                     Most sincerely yours, Philip  Khnopp,  Trinity Point Project  founder/facilitator.  Namaste







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