Glossary of Terms


Acupuncture: Meridians; acupuncture is the ancient Chinese art of piercing parts of the body with needles, seeking to treat disease to relieve pain. Meridians, in the art of acupuncture, are those dynamic lines of energy on the human body which activate healing, balance, or pain relief to the patient when punctured with needles.



Devic Spirits: the undergirding spiritual energies which serve as workers in support of all living things in the natural world—plant, mineral and animal.
















Dowsing: to search for a source of water, mineral or energetic zone of force, using a divining instrument key to the human body.


Geomancy: the art and craft of discerning subtle magnetic lines of force upon the planet. Geomancy involves using certain power points of force within this system to discern sacred space.



Kabbalah: also known as the tree of life. Ancient Hebrew, mystical illustration, which effectively maps out the complex relationships between different versions of reality, within the universe. The system of Tarot cards have originated from this system, denoting the complex relationship between the ten sacred spheres or “Sephirot” and the twenty-two sacred paths which interconnect them.






































Gaia or Gaia principle: proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet.



MR Sacred Triangles: a system of fifteen divine right angle triangles that the ancient Egyptians used in the building of all of their temples. Each one of these triangles has a resonant frequency or vibration which relates to different organ systems of the human body. Corresponding hypotenuse angles of the MR Set occur between thirty-one and forty-five degrees (Refer to Doug Benjamin’s notes earlier in the text).


Numerology: modern alphabet key to the real primary numbers of one through nine. One could, for example, diagram their given name and discern elements of their personality and life path lessons, through numbers.



Resonant Frequency: everything in existence has a frequency or vibrational essence. Similar frequencies tend to be attracted to one another.


Tarot: a systems of divination using a set of seventy-six illustrated archetypal images rendered upon cards (the predecessor of that which has become modern-day playing cards). The origin of these cards may have come from the Knights Templar, in the 12th century, somewhere in Eastern Europe.  Major Arcana: in Tarot, these illustrations represent the twenty-two major, archetypal paths of life experience which the soul will eventually traverse through many lifetimes (Pilgrim’s Progress), in order to return to Godhead, the pure source of creation.


Thought Form: as in the example in the unbendable arm technique, where a thought clearly held in mind renders a relaxed arm as an unbendable form. Thought forms can affect physical matter and have also been historically used in the practice of healing and magic. Thought forms are also a foundation of beliefs held in a social context, which reflect collective behaviors. When collectively held beliefs change, socially manifest behaviors can change to reflect that new system of thought and belief.


Vortex: a point at which two or more magnetic lines cross, rendering a spiraling magnetic field. These magnetic fields are traditionally points upon which temples and other sacred structures are placed.



Trinity Point Project

Social Magic for Planetary Healing

A major download point on the Earth’s magnetic grid, located near Churchville, Virginia.




MR Set of Divine Triangles. Doug Benjamin Notes.






































Healing Bubble, Tree of Life, Photon Belt.


       Structurally, Trinity Point as an energy form exists as a standing pillar of spiritual light. This triangular shaped antenna extends like a thread, through the planet itself and exits into infinite space into two directions. At the base point in Churchville, a 160 mile radius, rose colored bubble of light extends forth upon the surrounding landscape, into the earth below, and the sky above to define this form. This fine, gelatinous form envelops numerous small towns as well as large cities in the area, including Washington, DC.

        The  Washington Monument is one of the largest obelisks in the modern world. The MR triangle principle governing this form resonates with the energy of the small intestines in the human body. The acupuncture meridians governing the small intestine and the heart both occur on the little finger of the human hand.

         According to my esteemed friend, Doug Benjamin (who has studied the Egyptian Book of the Dead and can interpret this script like a medical textbook), there is a direct relationship between these two organ systems. This is the care and feeding of the heart by the small intestines. In short, the Trinity Point Project Healing Bubble is fed and sustained by the energy of this national monument. It acts something like a homeopathic healing crystal to help sustain and vitalize this non-physical form.

 The standing column of light generated by this project goes right through the earth in two directions. This form exits at the opposite side of the planet, about 900 to 1000 miles from the Australian coastal city of Perth in the Indian Ocean.


As a temple of the heart, the Trinity Point Project beacon carries the resonant frequency of the heart as a standing pillar of light. Thusly, it stands to reason that as this form pierces the Christ center tree of life (Tiphareth), the heart; it functions as a middle pillar path of this form.


Buehler and Global Grid System


 In 1977, I contacted Bill Buehler on Crestone, Colorado, about Trinity Point Project and its early beginnings. Mr. Buehler was delighted to learn of the existence of TPP and proceeded to share much information about a project of his own undertaking. For some years, Mr. Buehler has been studying and charting the larger geopathic, magnetic grid within the context of a project known as Arhkom, (Peter Champoux).




























Apparently, Trinity Point figures neatly into the Arhkom as a significant download point and sub-component mechanism with this large structure.

 According to Buehler Trinity Point functions as a supportive beam and pillar in the larger geo-temple grid of Arhkom. It seems there are two significant grid lines which intersect perfectly at a ninety degree angle at Trinity Point. One of these two lines of force runs perfectly along the base of the triangle at Trinity Point. The other runs perpendicularly along the middle axis of the triangle. Adding into the mix is the fact that the Trinity Point temple structure exudes a vertical beam of light perpendicular to the horizontal plane of the earth. Trinity Point Temple functions with three distinct axis lines (XYZ), similarly to that of Euclidean mathematics. All three of these are intersecting the Trinity Point Healing Bubble structure, firmly anchoring the entire temple upon the earth plane.


I received a thick packet of printed material from Mr. Buehler about the global magnetic grid system. These notes included references to certain grid systems key to the Hebrew alphabet (Example, Resh-EL): the Arkhom project, L-gates, socket points, Knights Templar, Holy Grail lore, Sinclair and other strange and amazing things.  Here is a link to the sources of this material for those who wish to follow Buehler’s material in greater detail.

In essence, Mr. Buehler’s information suggests that Trinity Point is a significant point of power within the grid system referred to as “Bakhira.” The drawings that Mr. Buehler provided intended to convey the immensity of this grid system and also to denote Trinity Point’s significance within this system.


UFO Sighting 1979, Star gate


 On August 2, 1979, years before the Trinity Point Project had been conceived, a very potent and impactful event occurred at the farm, a UFO sighting. This happened at about 10 minutes past 10 pm and I witnessed it with two other persons: my brother Benjamin and his friend Temple Burton. We were standing outside in the eastern yard of the main house, and admiring the vastness of the night sky. In front of us was a lush cornfield, along with the path of Middle River and a high limestone bluff about three hundred yards away, with a row of trees growing along the top. Beyond the trees was a clover field. We saw a light moving behind the trees and initially thought it to be the lights of a tractor in the clover field.

The light rose slowly from behind the trees and came over the treetops blazing like a small sun, illuminating the entire Trinity Point basis below. It moved in irregular jerky motion up and down while it simultaneously panned very slowly from left to right. It danced and bobbed, dazzling us as it went on a course down river and away from us. Eventually it shifted  and  became a perfectly triangulated set of three red, pulsing lights, which got lower and lower into the night sky before eventually dematerializing into a hillside on our side of the river. I later marked that spot. No sign of anything like a crash was evident here.


Some years later, I meditated on this event had a vision of a star gate  As I saw it, the thing appeared to be on a light gray background. The linear portions of this image were rendered in a high-key solar yellow color. An object resembling a Herkimer diamond (also in that same yellow), was emerging out of this form, turning as it went, and beaming bright yellow light all around.
















When Bill Buehler viewed this image he it gave it the name “Eden Star.” Later, my friend Peter Allen and other geomancers determined that this form was directly linked to the serpent mounds of southern Ohio. At this location other geomancers in meditation viewed this exact same form.
















Trinity Point as a Nature Reserve and Retreat


 As early as the 1990s, the landscapes of Trinity Point farm were placed into a conservation easement, intended to protect this wilderness area from development. This land is the last significant tract of undeveloped forest land in the Churchville area. Under the terms of this agreement, only very limited additional structures could be permitted here and no trees could be harvested in a commercial way.

There are some forty acres of tillable farmland currently being leased for commercial farming. The land is also leased for hunting which helps to manage the white tail deer population.


The main estate house, a sprawling twelve room farmhouse and grounds (serves as a meeting place for events such as weddings, retreats, workshops and seminars). Also, outdoor events and camping will be permitted and encouraged here.

 Typically, ceremonies are held on this land five times per year as listed:


• Vernal Equinox, on or about March 21.

• Earth Day, on or about April 22.

• Summer Solstice, on or about June 21.

• Autumn Equinox, on or about September 21.

• Winter Solstice, on or about December 21.


 Trinity Point Farm (TPF), is also a place for other special gatherings of a more spontaneous nature.

 Example: a Cherokee land blessing was held on this land in October of 2005, in memory of this historical period (about 12,000 to 16,000 C.E.). Here, the Deer Clan of the Cherokee Nation was present for some four hundred years as a cultural center and a place of healing and medicine training. Currently, I am the sole member of the Trinity Point Project Native American Outreach Council. I openly invite First American Tribes who may so wish to come to Trinity Point to hold their own manner of native cultural ceremonies and prayer.

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