Layers of Evidence


 I now present an extensive list of items which I feel lend strong credibility to this project. I wish to impress upon you the validity of what I want to convey, I invite you to weigh and balance these points of evidence in both your heart and mind. As a result, I hope you will grasp with greater understanding, why Trinity Point Project is a viable social mechanism, one which stands to help unify the many “tribes” of humanity into a cohesive, social vision for the greater common good of all. Consider these things.



 In the martial arts form of Akido, students learn to make their arm become an unbendable form by the use of a thought, held clearly in mind. Demonstrated principle here: thought has form and can affect physical matter.  A thought form (as in the case of Trinity Point Project), actually begets fifth dimensional temple structure.



 Given any chemical solution and adding to it another chemical element, at the amount of one percent of the total volume of that solution, it will affect a shift in that chemical body. EXAMPLE: Take a container of 99 ounces of fresh water. Add to that body of fresh water one ounce of salt which will then affect the total of 99 ounces of fresh water to taste of salt. By comparison, relatively small number of people, (one tenth % of a given populace), applying prayer, meditation or focused intentions, can profoundly affect social and environmental conditions on Earth.



 Experiments at Princeton University some years ago explored the potential to affect the output of random number generator devices by the concentration of human thought. A device randomly generated an even number of ones and zeros when in operation. The small number of volunteers then proceeded to hold a mental intention to affect the device in the same room, to generate more zeros than ones. In a very short amount of time the observed bell curve effect of this device actually began to produce more zeros than ones. The same results were also noted later with a similar group of volunteers in San Francisco. The same affects were reported.



 In 1997, in Washington, DC, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (founder of transcendental meditation), employed an experiment in our nation’s capitol. Maharishi persuaded one tenth of one percent of DC residents to actively practice transcendental meditation twice a day for an extended period of time. In a very short period of time, certain effects within the city were noticed. There was a precipitous drop (26 percent), in street crime, accidents and domestic violence throughout the greater DC area.



  A group of pendulum clocks (whose pendulums were not synchronized), were placed upon one table, and allowed to continue running. In a relatively short period of time all of the pendulums of all of these clocks synchronized their rate of pendulum swing harmoniously.




 Dr.  LARRY DOSSEY has conducted numerous clinical studies involving the effects of prayer upon such things as bacteria, mold or fungus in Petri dishes. It has been noticed, for example, that the bacteria in any given Petri dish can be either enhanced or repressed by the quality of prayer directed to it.



 Dr.  RUPERT Sheldrake, a British-born scientist, had conducted many laboratory experiments which begin to reveal a subtle non-physical field which exists between pets and their owners. Through this non-physical field, some form of communication between owners and their pets regularly occur. It has been noted that pets at home seem to know the exact moments when the owner had finished work for the day, and had decided to return home. Research on the brains of children under the age of six show that they demonstrate a profound ability to know where their parents are.



 The experiments conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto clearly demonstrate that water is a highly impressionable substance. The water samples in his laboratory were affected by such things as music, thoughts and even slips of paper with different words written upon them, placed upon a glass vial containing water. The water from these vials was frozen and the ice crystals was viewed under a microscope.  The various intentions rendered a very unique array of crystalline ice patterns.







Trinity Point Project

Social Magic for Planetary Healing

A major download point on the Earth’s magnetic grid, located near Churchville, Virginia.



 PROFESSOR WILLIAM A. TILLER, PhD. is one of several notables interviewed in the popular movies, What the Bleep and Down the Rabbit Hole. Tiller, formerly of Stanford University in California, has a PhD in mechanical engineering. He is renowned for his experiment involving intentionality. Professor Tiller has employed the use of TM meditators, focusing their intentions upon copper-wound electrical components. These components, when placed within an environment with acidic based water, demonstrate (according to the given intention of these devices), their capacity to balance their PH level of these waters to PH 7 neutral.  I heard Prof. Tiller in an interview with Art Bell (Coast to Coast AM Radio, 5-6-05), say:

“There is great value in landscapes upon which sacred geometry naturally occurs as places for people to gather together and pray to help heal and transform planet earth.”


At this point, the reader might wish to ponder what possible healing effects could be rendered upon the high carbon and acid contents of the global water and atmosphere, by the collective, cohesive thoughts of world citizens, for planetary balance and healing.



 I feel that many of the readers are already aware of the Photon Belt phenomenon, as much has been written about this subject in recent years. Our entire solar system actually orbits around the central star/sun of Alcyon. It takes about 26,000 years for our solar system to revolve one orbit around the central sun.


 There is a cosmic bend of energy (radiation), which runs through this central star. And our solar system passes through this band of light twice during every orbit around Alcyon, at about 13,000 year intervals. At such peak times in these orbits, our planet and solar system undergoes a rise in its frequency; hence, these then become less dense in structure and go into a full light experience, (or a golden age). We are now at the very precipice of our next golden age cycle.


 This New Age event is heralded by much prophecy from many traditions: the general acceleration of global events, including weather patterns, and social, political and economic unrest. This includes the terminations of several ancient calendar systems (including the Mayan calendar which terminated in 2012).


 There is much fearful uncertainty by many Orthodox religions groups that this transition will be the literal ‘end of the world’. I favor a brighter point of view about this event. It is the end of the world as we know it, the definitive termination point of the old Piscean Age, and the onset of the new Age of Aquarius, a full-light spectrum event. This will be and is indeed being felt by all of earth’s inhabitants in an ever increasing manner, day-by-day, with that very specific point of no return that occurred in 2012.


 I like to imagine that this Photon Belt effect will generally serve to enhance the subtle energies of projects and places such as Trinity Point. Perhaps this field of energy will lend a greater sense of reality to the invisible realms of the spiritual world than ever previously thought.





















 In her book, The Field, Dr. Lynn McTaggart lays out an alternative view of the world based on eight years of investigating and interviewing dozens of credentialed scientists. These academics are involved with leading-edge research of human consciousness. Findings show that their independent research efforts corroborated and enhanced one another.


 The research of Roger Nelson of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratories (PEARL) is especially important for Trinity Point Projct. He found that an intensively focused and emotionally stimulated group of people will generate a collective resonance that can impact conditions in physical reality. Similarly, the goal of Trinity Point Project is for groups of people to focus on healing on all levels, from person to community to planetary. McTaggart describes these as “intense moments of like-mindedness which seem together to produce enough power to impart some order on the chaotic purposefulness …” (p.205)


 Nelson also researched the inherent power of sacred sights, including several that are sacred to Native Americans: Sedona, Four Corners, Devils’ Tower, and Pipestone. And in Egypt: Great Sphinx, Temples of Luxor and Carnac, and Pyramids of Giza. Nelson used equipment from PEARL that could confirm the group’s ability to mentally/physically affect physical reality. Using a random event generator (REG), Nelson tested the minds ability to affect the functioning of the REG machine. He found that the  “strongest affects on the machine occurred when the group was engaged in a ritual such as chanting at a sacred sight.” In most of the main pyramids, the effects had been six times that of the ordinary REG trials at PEARL. The spirit of the place itself appeared to register affects every bit as large of the meditating group. Both the type of place and the activity of the group seemed to play contributing roles in creating a type of group consciousness (p.105-107).


Similarly, one would do well to  consider the work of Dr. John Hagelin pertaining to quantum shifts.



 This suggests that a group focused on any activity that is life-enhancing and peace-promoting can be greatly enhanced by the energy that is, itself, a part of the land upon which Trinity Point Project functions.















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