Infrastructure and Points of Interest


 The reader will note the illustrated map of Trinity Point Project landscape and will notice the numbers at different points on this map, representing  points upon on the landscape which constitute the basic physical structure (the nuts and bolts, so to speak). You may note that the physical boundaries of Trinity Point farm, as outlined in a heavy black line, resembles an abstract image of a bird in flight and that the triangle formed by the natural hilltops of Trinity Point fits neatly over the head of this bird-type image. Allow yourself to become informed and educated to these points of interest as you read about them. It will help you to begin to get a feel for what has gone into the land here, which helps to weave the fabric of this temple of the invisible.

















































1. Wheel Site #1


 There are a total of three circles of stone (medicine wheels), placed at the tops of the three natural high points which constitute the Trinity Point land mass in general. Number 1 site forms the apex/point of the triangle. The elevation of this apex/point is 1,678 feet with its four spoke wheel 24 feet in diameter. A large central pinnacle stone weighing over six hundred pounds is placed in the center of the four spokes. There is a naturally weathered hole in this stone that is aligned to the solar horizon point of the winter solstice.














In a trance channeled reading, on May 25, 1996, Melissa Halsey, speaking as “Sananda,” gave information about this part of Trinity Point Project, as well as about others. The channel explained that this site was energetically receptive to the star system Sirius.


 This wheel, according to  Bill Buehler, (Reshel Grid Master, Appendix Item #4), in his  rendering of the Trinity Point bird/map, is the pivotal point of the energetic wing of this structure. This wing “flaps” up and down in the rhythm and cycle of the four vernal points. This is an immensely powerful point for conducting ceremony. Take the number 1,628, which represents the elevation at this site, and when expressed using numerology, reduces to seventeen: 1+6=7, plus 2+8=10, therefore 7+10=17/8, which in the major arcana of the Tarot expressed the symbol of the STAR.




Trinity Point Project

Social Magic for Planetary Healing

A major download point on the Earth’s magnetic grid, located near Churchville, Virginia.


 2. Wheel Site #2


 Trinity Point proper, elevation 1,675 feet, four spoke stone wheel, 24 feet in diameter. A loosely assembled pile of rocks marks the center of this structure. This was the first structure undertaken in the project. Spirit guides connected with me here in 1986 through dowsing rods, which inspired me to initiate this conceptual earth work project. Channel Melissa Halsey, reveals that this wheel site is energetically receptive to the Pleiadian Star System. Buehler reports that relative to the bird form (expressed in abstract in the physical parameter of the farm), is the heart of the bird. This elevation number: 1,675 feet, when expressed using numerology, reduces to nineteen: 1+6=7, plus 7+5=12, therefore, 7+12=19. This number is expressed by the major arcana symbol of the SUN.
















3. Wheel Site #3


 Located on private land adjacent to Trinity Point Farm, Wheel Site #3 is currently inaccessible. The thirty-two foot, four spoke wheel located here is a minimal design. This structure is located about one hundred yards distant from the actual high point of this land and is connected to the high point by an energy line. Furthermore, Halsey reports that this site is receptive to the Arcturian Star System, which is considered to be a celestial gate to high angelic realms. The elevation of 1,722 when expressed using numerology, reduces to twelve: 1+7=8, 2+2=4; 8+4=12. 12 reducing to 3 denotes the major arcane symbol the HANGED MAN. Additional note: check the elevation number of these three high points, 1,678 feet/1,675 feet/1,722 feet. The difference between each of these three points is 47 feet, or a factor of 47 feet.











Now,  47 using numerology, reduces to eleven. 11 (in numerology), is the first “master number” of four such numbers. 11+11+22=44/8. 44 is the grand master material number of numerology. Entire epochs and civilizations are known to have been founded in this vibrational essence. Some even refer to this master number as the number of ascension. The vibrational essence of 44 is inherent is this landscape which serves as a place of prayer.


4. Wheel Site #4


 “Eye of the Bird.” Ceremonial wheel; a minimally designed ceremonial wheel; 48 feet diameter, defined with wooden stakes and ribbon. This circle placement in the triangle is similar to the point of view of a cross section of the Great Pyramid of Giza (east/west axis at the King’s Chamber level). Note on the previously provided map that this triangle fits neatly over the head of the bird and that this portion could be regarded as an eye in the head of this form, hence the name “eye of the bird' and  is the perfect center of the Trinity Point Project temple structure.








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