I consulted with the elders once again and they invited me take on a mission, if I chose to do so (of course, I gladly accepted). The purpose of this mission was to undertake a project to help heal, restore, balance and re-enchant the land at Trinity Point. Its larger goal is to create a temple of the heart, intended to help raise the consciousness of planet earth and its inhabitants. This project would be called Trinity Point Project. Moreover, the greater vision of this concept would become clearer as I proceeded.


 To shorten the story a bit, the vision was articulated like this: build three circles of stones at the top of the three natural high points at Trinity Point. Create a fourth ceremonial circle out of lighter materials, at the relative king’s chamber level like that of the Great Pyramid (east/west axis) for  a central focusing point.


 After certain inception period, a birthing date for the project would be given. It turned out to the Saturday, April 22, 1989 (Earth Day). A triangular heart resonant thread of energy would be established collectively, through group ceremony, which would go infinitely into the sky above Trinity Point, exiting at the exact global opposite point off the western coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean. A second, similarly created thought-form, would accompany this form to complete the greater temple structure.






















The second part of the temple was to be a heart resonant (healing bubble) or a rose-colored fifth dimensional form of matter. This second form would emanate from the exact center of the Trinity Point triangle (kings’ chamber), outwards on to the surrounding landscape for many miles. This spherical form had to envelope the Capitol in Washington DC, but it was not, at first glance, clear as to why. This became clear to me some years later. A radius of 160 miles (corresponding to one my personal numbers of numerology), was finally decided upon.


 The vision of this temple, the ancients said, would help to heal and re-enchant the lands as planet earth passes through a difficult but necessary transition.


This is a transition into a less dense, lighter and happier state of being for earth and all of her inhabitants.








Trinity Point Project

Social Magic for Planetary Healing

A major download point on the Earth’s magnetic grid, located near Churchville, Virginia.




























The elders made it clear that I was to tell the story and share the visions with those who feel touched by the heart (either gently or passionately), by the sharing of this vision. Those who will feel so inspired to follow this vision are free to do so of their own free will. I am committed to serving as a conduit for this vision. This being said, I am also invested in seeing to the care and well-being of this project and its landscape.


 The temple at large belongs to the people (those who will choose to behold the vision), and only by individual free will. I wish to make this perfectly clear: there are no demands about this project. Only by individual choosing need anyone ever concern themselves with this vision. This Geotemple ultimately belongs to the people and this is as it is designed.


The prayer given through me, for Trinity Point Project, is as follows:


Great spirit, Mother/Father God, all that is. In the Spirit of Love, we the people now claim this land in all dimensions, places and times for the rightful keepers of the earth whoever they may be. Thy will be done with goodness to all concerned. Amen. Aho. Amah. Aum.


 The moniker for this project is as follows:


  Social Magic for Planetary Healing


 The only firm guiding rules the ancestor gave are:


1. No blood ceremony shall be conducted at Trinity Point. Jesus Christ shed his blood on this earth and that (as a religious principle), is sufficient.


2. No one shall conduct religious imperialism here. This means all who enter into prayer and ceremony here, in the spirit of love for the greater well-being of all concerned, shall all be regarded as equals. All who enter into sacred circles here will be allowed to speak their truths and share their point of views safely here without fear of repression. This is as it was at Trinity Point in ancient times. And this is how it must be (once again), upon this sacred land. To do so will serve greatly to heal our planet and will help to unite humanity.


 Beyond this, it is my wish to see that the nexus point of this land and project will serve as a multi-purpose space. In this space, free flow of information, ideas, healing, creative innovations, and joyful social interactions will be allowed without encumbrance.




                      Let us pray together that a greater

                     state (divine equilibrium), be

                     manifest at all levels of our

                     collective being.


                                    Copyright 2017 by Philip Khnopp

Help Trinity Point continue to thrive,

we appreciate your contribution.