I was excited by the event of spontaneous spiritual communication through the L-Rods. I  sought further communication with the beings with the aid of these same instruments. As it turned out, I was actually in touch with three of the four Native American ancient keeper spirits who are in charge of the sacred place where I stood.


As I continued to communicate with these beings, I became aware of opening psychic dimensions previously unknown to me. The rods signaled either positive or negative responses to my questions,  and I received significant downloads of other information. I was informed by the ancestors that the spot where I stood was the exact center of an ancient circle of stones (medicine wheel). I inquired about the number of years back in time when this site had first been a place of worship and prayer, and eventually got a very firm figure of 17,000 years.


As the ancestors continued to speak to me,  a story began to unfold about the ancient history of the Trinity Point basin area. In very ancient times, they said, the entire basin area of Trinity Point served as a sacred place of prayer, medicine and teaching. Chief Raymond Couch (principal chief of the Virginia Cherokee Nation) informed me about the history of the land. He said that from about 1200-1600 CE the land was inhabited by the Cherokee Nation. Under the dominion of the Deer Clan, this land functioned somewhat like a Cherokee cultural center. It was a place so sacred the different tribes would gather there and in the spirit of peace lay down their weapons.
























 Indeed, I was told, these numerous tribes would join together in sacred circle in the spirit of love and pray together for the greater common good of all. Apparently, the land here at Trinity Point served this function for thousands of years, until something changed, and conflict arose around 1600 CE (which would correspond with the beginnings of European settlers.) There was war, and the land was a coveted, dark and bloody battleground.


The ancient keepers at Trinity Point are more than just a little happy to have the ear of one physically incarnate to help them in their mission of protecting the land. We (the elders and myself) have an intense interest in having a functioning medicine wheel at Trinity Point, as it was in ancient times. With the permission and instruction of the elders we proceeded to build a circle of stones with the support of friends according to the instructions given.


There was a bigger picture emerging. The ancient ones told me that there had been a circle of stones at the top of three of the natural high points that constitute Trinity Point. Some years later, Chief Ray Couch confirmed this. I was encouraged to get a topographical map of this area in order to glean with greater accuracy the true lay of the land at Trinity Point. This I did and eventually researched a USGS survey map of the area. I enlarged the section of the map which showed Trinity Point, I found three points of interest on this map which bore an X mark at the top of each hill, for which the geological survey had been conducted.


When I connected the points with a straight edge and pencil, I was amazed that a perfect symmetrical triangle resulted. I discovered that this form was mathematically divisible into two perfect 90 degree triangles. This intrigued me because I had been introduced to the ancient and sacred Egyptian MR set of triangles. Briefly, there are fifteen such forms with each corresponding to specific organ systems of the human body.


I checked the specific corresponding angles of the right angle triangle form generated by the larger triangle at Trinity Point, the other two angles were 38/52/90 degrees, corresponding in the MR set to the heart and central and governing meridians (rod and staff) of the human body. With this conscious realization of the significance of the sacred geometry that was uncovered, I experienced a second, auspicious and moment of epiphany. My entire body tingled with a surge of warm, peaceful energy and I wept with joy as my physical heart DANCED within my chest. I then hear a soft and gentle voice repeat the phrase:


“Trinity Point Project, Trinity Point Project, Trinity Point Project…”


How wonderful, I thought.

But what did this mean? I knew I had to return to Trinity Point once again to speak with the ancient ones for some answers.

How the Project Began


In August of 1986, I had just returned from a conference in Allegan, Michigan. This conference, held annually, is hosted by Mary and Dean Hardy at their home in Lake Dumont. The conference is known as a New Sakkara (named after the ancient temple in Egypt) and is usually attended by hundreds of people from all over the world. The people who attend New Sakkara are an eclectic assortment of authors, scientists, healers, geomancers, dowsers, astrologers, psychics and others.


The topic of study at this particular annual conference included subjects such as how the earth geomagnetic grid systems relates to the correct building, placement and function of sacred structures such as pyramids, towers, monuments, medicine wheels, temples, etc. Additional topics included vibrational healing in its many forms, ancient history, Egyptology, world religions, Kabbalah study, alternative technologies, UFOs.


In the course of my first visit to New Sakkara I obtained a robust quick study in dowsing as it is related to the earth’s magnetic grid system and the creation of sacred space. I was quite excited about going home to Virginia to explore this for myself. I returned to my parent’s country home at Churchville (present location of Trinity Point Project) and with a L-rod dowsing instrument, proceeded to Trinity Point proper, which is the natural high spot on the farm.


Just prior to dowsing the clearing at the high point I walked the land with a hand held compass to see what energies might register. I found repeatedly that the compass wagged off course from magnetic north, by a factor of about ten degrees. (It was also interesting to see that after the medicine wheel was placed in that location this magnetic anomaly ceased to manifest.)


At the small meadow at the top of Trinity Point, I intentionally set to work with my instruments. I located several strong magnetic lines and two magnetic intersection points (vortexes). It is upon such magnetic points of power that sacred structures— temples,obelisks, pyramids and medicine wheels—  were traditionally placed. I wanted to create a circle of stones at this place and had to decide which of two spots was correct for building a medicine wheel. Since I couldn’t decide— both had qualities that seemed favorable— I posed a question:


"Is there anyone who is trying to communicate with me at this time?”


In that moment my life was forever altered. The L-rods slapped sharply across my chest with an affirmative signal, and my body surged with energy as I shivered with gooseflesh. I heard with everything but my physical senses a chorus of voices saying,


“Yes of course there is! We have been trying to reach you for a very long time now. And we are so glad you are here. Please speak with us.”


This was a real attention getter! I could not ignore the urgency of the message. This was one of two auspicious moments in my life with inspired me to undertake that which would eventually become known as Trinity Point Project.





Trinity Point Project

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A major download point on the Earth’s magnetic grid, located near Churchville, Virginia.


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