Trinity Point is to Appalachia and the East Coat of the US as Sedona is to the western regions of this continent.

                  James "Tyberonn" Tipton (frequent contributor to Sedona Journal, is an author, geologist, geomancer, and gemologist.)


Trinity Point Project  was revealed by the observation of a sacred geometric triangular form that occurs naturally on this rural landscape in central western Virginia. This project was officially made public on Earth Day, April 22, 1989. The triangle suggested here by these three high points of land is notable. It closely matches a representational outline of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.


This sacred geometric form resonates with the heart and reflects sympathetic healing in the human body. The essential right triangle component can be found within the Egyptian set of MR sacred triangles  This form, 38/ 52/ 90 degrees expresses a heart resonant frequency the can be confirmed by kinesthetic testing on the acupuncture meridians of the human body. The heart resonant triangle here inspires a geomantic temple structure that is composed of a less than physical state of matter, but a thought form that actually has weight, volume and shape in a fifth dimension reality.

















As Albert Einstein explained,

“Matter is merely energy reduced in its rate of vibration so as to be discernible by senses. There is no matter.” Einstein implies here that to imagine a thing with great clarity, lends it to a type of reality. Thus so, that imagined thing becomes so.


Trinity Point Temple is composed of two parts:


1. A heart-resonant thread of energy that extends through the planet from two equal and opposite points on the globe. Churchville, Virginia is one such location and the other is a point in the Indian Ocean exiting the planet about a thousand miles from the Australian coastal city of Perth.


2. A heart-resonant first dimensional healing bubble which radiates 160 miles in spherical form from the center of the triangle in Churchville. This healing bubble/thought form has a 320 mile diameter and encompasses the US Capitol in Washington DC. The Washington Monument, and obelisk on the national mall, was built upon a particular MR set triangular form that resonates to the frequency of the small intestines (36/ 54/ 90 degrees)






The essential energy of the Washington Monument is embedded in the form of the healing bubble. This structure serves to actually feed and sustain the temple structure here in Churchville. This is in keeping with the esoteric function within the human body of the care and feeding of the heart by the small intestines.


 This project is intended as an experiment to test the actual potential healing effects of heart energy. The focus of love energy upon a specific landscape has a high potential by the principle of octaves, to lift the lower realms of creation upward toward the higher and finer realms.


 Professor William A. Tiller has explained,

“There is great value in landscapes where sacred geometry naturally occurs as plans for people to gather together and pray to help transform the planet earth" (Interviewed by Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM 5-5-05) I was quite pleased when I heard this, being that this statement describes the dynamics of Trinity point project, perfectly.


I submit that Trinity Point Project can and does function as a social mechanism; a venue that allows groups of people to collectively focus prayer, thought and intention in ways that raises frequency and consciousness on planet earth and support the greater common good all life forms here.


 "Where there is no vision the people perish"

                             Proverbs 29:18

Trinity Point Project offers a collective, social vision that stands to greatly benefit humankind. Through cohesive focused prayer and intention (in a social way) in sacred space, with people working together, can affect positive changes in our modern global culture. Citizens uniting in the spirit of love and cooperation are actually capable of influencing a global paradigm shift of our collective consciousness. We can live into a new Renaissance, with lasting peace and a sustainable environment. I invite you to take heart in this vision.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

                                    –Albert Einstein

Trinity Pointy Project is an inspired vision Einstein implies in the above statement that to imagine (intend) a thing to be true is to create that thing to be so. For people to choose to believe in the power of a social mechanism like Trinity Point Project engenders great power. This is the power to collectively manifest our environment for the greatest common good.

Imagining is a visual skill. In this quote, Einstein speaks to the fact that matter and energy are in truth one and the same and are even interchangeable, one for another. Thought can be measured as an electrical impulse, and can function as a type of matter. This gives credence to the term “Thought-Form.”


"In order to do the impossible one must be able to see the invisible."

                       – Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson demonstrated his ability to clearly see the invisible. He conceived the vision of a nation yet unborn. And by this vision so clearly held he was able to achieve an impossible thing, The birthing of the US was the manifest result of this, along with the other founders, all clearly holding a vision.


I suggest that the Trinity Point Project is a vision of a thing invisible. When we, the people, can learn to grok this invisible thing with eyes anew,  then we can greatly  benefit for this choice. To grasp the vision of this social mechanism will inspire citizens to socially and collectively engage to help heal and unity our troubled world during these difficult times.

I invite you to look further at the vision for Trinity Point Project and to see and feel the truth of this in your heart. Take note that the ancient Egyptians regarded the illumined human heart as the true seat of divine intelligence.

Trinity Point Project

Social Magic for Planetary Healing

A major download point on the Earth’s magnetic grid, located near Churchville, Virginia.


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